Saturday, 20 April 2013

Long Time No See :)

So I've not updated my blog in a long time so I think it's about time I get back into it. For a while I've had to put other stuff a little to the back whilst I work on my uni projects. But I'm starting to wrap up my uni projects so now I can get back into my personal projects. 

So I thought I'd give a bit of an update on my uni projects as well. For it I've been making a rain shader that uses up vectors to switch between a panning rain fall for walls and ripples for up facing normals. The scene needs a lot of work to it, like fixing the rain emitter and adding water running off of edges. And fixing up the steam coming from vents and adding steam coming from air conditioner units to make it feel a little atmospheric.

But for now I'm working on another portfolio piece. The idea is to have an RPG hit a gas station where there's an initial explosion and then it burns for a bit before it tiggers another larger explosion. It's only in its initial stages right now and some of the textures are old and in dire need of redoing. 

I'm thinking that the initial explosion doesn't have enough impact and I had to render another video from screen capture as the ribbon trail did't render in my initial render from UDK.

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