Monday, 19 August 2013

Explosion Updates

So here's what I've been working on recently. Currently in the process of reworking this gas station scene and here's where I'm at with the explosion. It still needs a lot of work but thought I'd do a quick update. 

First issue is the trails of debris from the explosion. I don't like the use of sprites so I am thinking about using ribbon data instead. I just couldn't get the trails to not be so popcorny. I also need to re time the lighting and work some more on the shape of the explosion. It doesn't look right as it fades when you can see stray sprites. 

This is something that I've been reworking recently, just tweaking a bit to make it ready for when I redo my portfolio. Though this was also a test of render styles. I was looking back and I didn't like all the black emptiness so I was trying out how fog affects the feel of it. I like it, but I'll probably need to redo the whole scene to make it portfolio ready.

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