Monday, 5 August 2013

Flame On

So I've been practising my work with fire in both simulations and realtime work. As I'm currently redoing the gas station scene from scratch I thought that I'd start it properly by going back to making some fluid sims for tests. This was a good opportunity to get some more practice using Maya Fluids. I feel like I'm getting more used to it now, I'm definitely more confident in my ability to use it to create flipbooks and textures. 

I made other sims to make into flipbooks as well as use them to generate the textures below.

Instead of creating flipbooks I decided to have a go at using UV distortion. Although it's more expensive than just using flipbooks, it provides more variation and thus looks more natural. I also implemented alpha erosion within the material as well as I thought it was a more realistic approach to fire, although it bumps up the cost of the material. 

Although I like this approach, as it gives a good natural result, I need to work on the alpha erosion as you can see there's some popping. I don't know whether I need to rework the setup or switch back to usual alpha fading. I'll try to stick to alpha erosion as I don't like how the normal alpha fades in and out so uniformly because it doesn't look realistic enough. And yes, I think I may have overdone the bloom :) 

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