Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fire and Ribbons, what could go wrong

I've been trying to hone the basics recently, more particularly working on improving my fire effects. These are just some tests focusing on using different textures to obtain a different look and scale of fire.  

I feel like, even though there's still a lot of work to do and progress to be made, that it's definitely coming along. And I've also made some progress on the gas station scene. I think it's getting very close to being finished.

In other news, I decided to knuckle down and properly learn how to use ribbons. I thought that doing some bullet trails would be a good way to practice using ribbons. So here are some concepts I came up with so that I could do some more exciting ribbons than bullet tracers.

And here are the renders for the outcomes. I like the overall outcome, in that I think they have an alright aesthetic and that I learnt a lot about how to use ribbons. But I do think that perhaps the impact effects of the electric and energy shots are a little too visually noisy and complicated. I think that they could probably do with being simplified.

This is something that I worked up for my next project. I want to work on something that has various stages to it and also something that forces me to use different skills. Plus, it'll be nice to work on something not based in reality.

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