Saturday, 11 May 2013

Explosions and Other Stuff

So I'm still working away on the explosion as well as a bunch of other stuff. Getting close to deadlines for uni projects so I'm trying to balance my time effectively between that and other projects. But I just thought I'd do an update of what I've done to the explosion.

So I started to block out the second explosion. I'm trying to go for something much larger in scale than the initial explosion to give it that more variety but more to show that it's building up to something. Like I said, I've only really blocked it out at the moment so there are still some issues with the timing. And the biggest issue I've found is how to naturally blend between the roaring fire and the explosion, but it's all still very much WIP.

I've also whipped up a quick concept for the next thing I want to work on.

So basically the idea is that it'll start off as a small ball of energy that then starts gathering the energy around it. And as it starts to increase in size and take in more energy it'll become volatile and vibrate violently before exploding in a beam of energy. I think for the beam I'll try working with some mesh particles to get the overall shape down and probably work with some beam particles for the centre. I've never actually tried working with beam data so it's a good excuse to learn it. I think I might add some dust particles that shout out backwards at the initial release of energy to try and give it some nice counter motion.

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