Friday, 10 May 2013

Lantern Animation Test

I recently made a quick looping animation for a project I'm working on at uni. It was really fun and a really good excuse to teach myself something new. I've been wanting to have a crack at some small animations for a while now so this was a great opportunity to learn it. It's by no means great, or finished for that matter, but I do feel like it's definitely something I can learn.

This was only a test to see how it looked in UDK, although I've not managed to actually get it into UDK yet so now my next couple of days will be looking up tutorials of how to import and export animations. But once I actually get it in I feel that I'll have to redo it anyway. I feel like it's moving a little too far or too fast that once it's in level it'll look odd. Plus it looks a little rigid at the moment so I'll probably try and give it a bit more bounce and random movement next time.

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