Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ground Attack Updates

So I got round to finishing this off over the weekend, kind of. I saw kind of because I've not done a final render for it I'm still using the level I was using to test it. I really should get round to building a nice render scene that I can use for most of my effects. 

Anyway, it looks a little different to how it was before because I got so frustrated with it not going the way I wanted and ended up completely redoing it but it all worked out for the better. The reason there are two videos for this is because I was not really sold on the dust streaks in the middle so I tried a render without them in to which I feel is a little lacking so I think I'll keep them.

And again I apologise for UDK's stupid rendering system, I've no idea why it insists on rendering every emitter twice with a fraction of a second delay. Every render I have ever done has done this so I'm not sure whether it's something I'm doing but I'll definitely get it fixed for proper renders.

As for now, I have to figure out why UDK's rendering emitters twice. But other than that I'm going to start trying to teach myself Maya this week as I feel I need to get to grips with it as it's very useful for an FX artist for both it's fluid dynamics and it's cloth simulations among other things.

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